Hand and Body Lotion

Skin is the  largest organ in the body. Ironically, it is the part of the body that we pay the least attention to. The body produces natural oil or moisturizer that acts as a protective barrier to prevent the dehydration of the skin. The skin our first line of defense against external sources.

What are some of the advantages of using a moisturizer?

  • Prevention of acne and blackheads caused by the buildup of dead skin.
  • Prevent and treat redness caused by irritated and dry kin.
  • Keep the skin supple and hydrated, resulting in healthy looking skin.
  • Prevent itchy skin caused by lack of moisture.

Using a hand lotion is the best way to keep your hands looking younger and feeling softer.

Our lotions and creams are smooth, silky and do not leave you feeling greasy or sticky.


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