Sever Dry Skin Ointment

Keep your skin well hydrated

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Cracked skin can happen when your skin barrier is compromised. Since dry skin can cause or worsen cracking, it’s important to keep your skin well hydrated.
Shea Butter: Moisturizes Dry Skin
                     Provides Relief To Itchy And Peeling Skin
                     Reduces Skin Inflammation
Coconut Oil: Calms temporary redness
                     Provides antioxidants
                     Helps to protect skin
Olive Oil: Moisturizes dry skin
Bees Wax: Anti-inflammatory properties
                  Natural exfoliator
                  Create a protective layer on the skin
Lanolin: Locks moisture into the skin
             Allows the skin the moisturize itself from within
             Emollient properties soften and heal aggravated areas
Benzoin Compound: Antimicrobial


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